• Pumpkin Seed Oil

    Ingredients: Asparagus, rosemary, chickpeas (cooked), mint, almonds, chivalrous salt, grated [...]

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  • Almond Flour Tortilla Banana Rolls

    Ingredients: One almond flour tortilla “Primal Tate” hazelnut or walnut butter one banana [...]

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  • Cherry Protein Flaxseed

    Ingredients: 5 homemade eggs, 1 cup (2 dcl) of fructose (approx. 150g), 1 yogurt, 1 cup of [...]

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  • Creamy Pumpkin Soup & Pumpkin Butter

    A perfect, creamy, healthy, antioxidant soup enriched with pumpkin butter. A nutritionally [...]

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  • Fillet Of Salmon With Pumpkin Oil Side Salad

    Serve a fresh fillet of salmon with fresh salad. Drizzle Primal Taste organic pumpkin cold pressed [...]

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  • Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

    Ingredients: 400g ground almond flour biscuits, 100g vegan hazelnut butter [...]

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