Organica Vita ltd London Lets You Buy Organic Food Online UK

Organica Vita ltd is a trading company, established in 2015. It is involved in production and sale of Primal Taste products. We made this lovely shop in order to allow our consumers to buy organic food online in the UK.

Increased population pressure on current food commodities reduces the production of organic food, with more companies focusing on genetically modified products. Organic food cultivation is more capital and time consuming than genetically modified food.

Company History

Organica Vita Ltd London was established in 2015. The family-run business has been producing products from organically produced crops in North-East Croatia for over ten years. The European heritage and the focus on quality are the major factors supporting the brand.

In a bid to improve business operations, the company has invested in the expansion of its facilities, including the modern milling and seed processing machinery. The crops used for processing are grown on the company’s 64-hectare farm and the deficit outsourced from neighbouring local farmers. The Soil Association UK and Austria Bio Garantie have authorised and approved the company’s products as organic, thus reaffirming the stand on quality.

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    The modern facilities allow for the processing of crops to turn them into useful products for the consumers. The primary products are nut/seed butters, proteins, and cold-pressed oils. The products are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and organic.

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    As a way to improve customer loyalty, the company came up with specific recipes that accompany the products sold. This was to allow diversification in the use of the products by the consumers, and through this, promote healthy and tasty lifestyles.

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    In a bid to connect with consumers more, the company has many sales across the year, that feature price deductions and discounts on select items. Keeping up on the site allows for the timely information and provisions for substantial savings on the products on offer.


The company’s business model entails the delivery of products to the consumers, thus allowing consumers to buy organic food online UK.

Bottom Line

For consumers looking to buy organic foods online UK, Organica Vita Ltd London provides both processed and unprocessed organic products. Quality and efficient service delivery ensure that the products are delivered as planned to promote healthy lifestyles amongst the consumers.