Dense soup with pumpkin seed butter

Cut carrots and potatoes into pieces and put it on hot oil for a short time. Pour some water and add salt, pepper, and spices. When vegetables are cooked add pumpkin seed butter and stir it all together with a stick blender. If the soup is too thick, just add some water. Spil some pumpkin seed oil over the soup before serving. Read more about Dense soup with pumpkin seed butter[…]

Organic pumpkin seed butter

Ingredients: 100 % organic pumpkin seeds Store at a room temperature. This delicious butter is produced from organic pumpkin seeds grown in Europe. The seeds are carefully milled thus preserving their nutritious features and the texture of the spread enables a simple use in all kinds of dishes. Add this butter to soups, sauces or dips to prepare a real delicacy. Pumpkin seed butter is a great alternative to nut butter as it doesn't contain most common allergens. Read more about Organic pumpkin seed butter[…]

Integralne pločice

Sastojci: 100 g integralnog brašna 50 g proteina od sjemenki bundeve 2 velike žlice maslaca od sjemenki bundeve 1 velika žlica praška za pecivo 30 g sjemenki po želji (suncokreta, lana, sezama…) 1 žumanjak malo soli oko 40 ml bučinog ulja 2-3 velike žlice jogurta Priprema: Umiješajte integralno brašno, protein od sjemenki bundeve, sol, prašak Read more about Integralne pločice[…]