A Raw, Cheese and Forest Fruits Cake

When making desserts, we are always looking forward the most to preparing simple recipes e.g. cakes that don’t have to be baked. What we have here is one such recipe: a small cake made in a mini-mold (or use a cubic mold, cups etc., the choice is yours). We also used up the remainder of the ingredients by putting them in a classic baking tray—the resulting dessert was cut into cube-shaped cakes.

We are huge lovers of cheesecake so for us cheese and forest fruits are an ideal, winning combination.

The base consists of healthy ingredients containing plenty of fiber and the raw cocoa and hazelnuts combo give the base a particularly fine taste. The cream contains proteins and cheese-present fats; the addition of fruit introduced a refreshing note to the cream.

Without white sugar, no baking necessary, and it looks like "the real thing". Amazing, right?

The Ingredients:

The Base:

200g of integral sugar-free biscuits
2 teaspoons of hazelnut or walnut butter (plain butter is also fine)
100g of dried mulberry (or dates/raisins but we strongly recommend dried mulberry)
1 tablespoon of chia seeds
2 tablespoons of oatmeal bran
100g of roasted hazelnuts
1 teaspoon of unsweetened raw cocoa / cocoa powder

The Cream:
200g of mascarpone
250g of fresh, creamy, low-fat cheese
200 ml of unsweetened whipped cream
1 orange peel
a little bit of lemon juice
vanilla flavor
coarsely grated dark chocolate
forest fruits
sweetened with droplets of stevia, coconut palm sugar or with a “no calories” sweetener (a vanilla flavored one)

The Process:

The Base:

For the Base:
Put the dried mulberry (alternatively, dates/raisins) into a container and pour warm water over it until fully immersed; leave for 15 minutes to soak. Put the biscuits pieces and all the other ingredients into a blender (butter should be slightly melted) and then add the soaked dried fruit along with the water in which the fruit soaked. Blend everything together until you get a slightly sticky, biscuit-like mixture. While blending, add water if necessary but take care that the mixture doesn’t become too “squishy”.

Use a spoon to “pour” the mixture into a mold previously greased with a little olive oil or butter. Use your fingers to even the mixture out.

For the Cream: Use a mixer to make whipped cream sweetened with a sweetener of your choice and then use the mixer on mascarpone and the low-fat cheese. Add the vanilla flavor and the orange peel. Combine everything together, by hand, with a spoon. Mix in as much of the coarsely grated dark chocolate as you want.

Put a layer of cream on the base and cover everything generously with forest fruits of your choice. Put another layer of cream over the fruit. Decorate with some cream cheese frosting (by using a syringe), dark chocolate, and smaller forest fruits (alternatively, use a forest fruit powder, e.g. a raspberry flavored one).

P.S. Use a sweetener of your choice. This time we used a vanilla flavored “no calories” sweetener. Alternatively, you can use coconut palm sugar, a teaspoon of honey, stevia or some other natural sweetener for both the base and the cream.

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