Organic sunflower seed butter

Ingredients: 100 % organic sunflower seeds
Store at a room temperature.

This delicious butter is produced from organic sunflower seeds grown in Europe. The seeds are carefully milled thus preserving their nutritious features and the texture of the spread enables a simple use in all kinds of desserts as well as in salty dishes. Sunflower seed butter is also a great alternative to nut butter as it doesn't contain allergens.

Oil separation on a top is a normal appearance since there are no emulsifiers. This does not affect the quality - stir the butter before use to achieve a creamy structure. 


Nutritive information according to EU Regulation No 1169/2011 - Food Information to Consumers

Nutritional analysis per 100 g RDI
Energy 2875,89 kJ / 694,88 kJ/kcal 35,96%
Fat 61,88 g 88,40%
of which mono unsaturated 6,48 g 32,40%
Carbohydrate 15,86 g 6,10%
of which sugar 8,65 g 9,61%
Protein 18,63 g 37,26%
Salt 0,67 g 11,17%

Sunflower seed butter possesses the organic certificate

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