Organic hazelnut butter

Ingredients: 100 % organic hazelnut
Store at a room temperature.

This delicious butter is produced from organic hazelnuts grown in Croatia. Hazelnuts are carefully milled thus preserving their nutritious features and the texture enables a simple use in all kinds of dishes. It can be easily combined with honey or cocoa powder to prepare delicious desserts. As it is a good source of protein and rich in calories, it's a good supplement for all those with increased physical activity.

Oil separation on a top is a normal appearance since there are no emulsifiers. This does not affect the quality - stir the butter before use to achieve a creamy structure.


Nutritive information according to EU Regulation No 1169/2011 - Food Information to Consumers

Nutritional analysis per 100 g RDI
Energy 2848,24/688,13 kJ/kcal 34,41%
Fat 61,05 g 87,21%
of which mono unsaturated 4,53 g 22,65%
Carbohydrate 19,39 g 7,46%
of which sugar 15,51 g 17,23%
Protein 15,28 g 30,56%
Salt 0,26 g 4,33%

Organic hazelnut butter possesses the organic certificate

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